Where communities are reimagined

Find the perfect balance between 
work and play

With 12 districts catering to every
aspect of everyday life

In a modern, future-facing city
that is a home to all

Where communities are reimagined

Find the perfect balance between 
work and play

With 12 districts catering to every
aspect of everyday life

In a modern, future-facing city
that is a home to all

The city is shaped by the spirit of the people, and those who support it. Al Widyan is backed by successful and experienced partners who share the same vision for Saudi Arabia and the city, united in their determination to achieve Vision 2030.

Al Widyan Co. is a private joint stock company, 100% owned by Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate Co. (SRECO), one of the largest publicly listed developers in Saudi Arabia, with 40 years of experience in over 32 residential, retail and commercial projects.

Al Widyan is the result of multiple creative collaborations, and the uniting of visionaries who have aligned their talents in planning, architecture, engineering, and design to establish not only a place of residence, but a movement away from the ordinary and towards the extraordinary.

Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate Co., also known as SRECO, was founded in 1976 by Royal Decree, and are a leading real-estate developer in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest developers in the Kingdom. Two-thirds of the company is owned by the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF) and the Public Pension Agency (PPA), who are majority shareholders.

SRECO has been in operation for over 40 years, gaining experience in residential, retail and commercial projects. Of their 32 projects, SRECO developed Akaria 1, the first commercial centre in the Middle East, as well as the Olaya Akaria Residential Complex, the first closed residential complex in the Kingdom.

In-line with Vision 2030, SRECO will be recognised by its stakeholders, industry peers and the population at large as an archetype for developing financially and environmentally sustainable communities in which people aspire to live, work and thrive.

Al Akaria Saudi Real Estate Company’s established the following subsidiaries:

  • Al Akaria Hanmi for Project Management (AHPM)
  • Saudi Real Estate Construction Co. (SRECC)
  • Saudi Real Estate Infrastructure Co. (BINYAH)
  • Saudi Korean Company for Maintenance and Properties Management (SAKOM)
  • Al Akaria implemented a new framework governing the company’s financial and administrative processes
  • Al Akaria installed a new technology solution to automate the company’s administrative and financial business processes


Al Widyan will set the new paradigm for community living within the Kingdom, embodying the spirit of the new Saudi Arabia and its people. Through the power of persistence, passion and talent, we will design and develop a future that we aspire towards; for our children, our community and our nation.

What drives us to build?

We build because of who we are, where we come from, and because we see the future of Saudi Arabia: a future in the hands of its people.

We exist in a time of hope, an era of people pursuing their passions. Today, there’s belief that everyone can write their next chapter. A belief that together, we can shape Saudi’s future.

And so, a new city takes shape. A place to live and work, a community with blueprints for the future, but with foundations laid by our proud past.

There is optimism in the air, and those who share it will call Al Widyan home.

The Saudi Spirit flows through the people of our nation, and so we are building a city, inspired by the people and the spirit they hold within them.

Shaped by the Saudi Spirit


P.I.F is the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia and the largest shareholder of Al Akaria with 65% ownership.


Saudi Arabia’s second-largest pension fund, a long-term strategic investor and 5% shareholder of Al Akaria.


SRECO is one of the largest real-estate owners and developers in the Kingdom.

Strategic Alliances

Al Widyan Co. is collaborating with several Government Ministries and Authorities including:

  • Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Labor
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Ministry of Culture and Information
  • Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Ministry of Education
  • General Authority for Entertainment

Board of Directors and Executive Management

Al Widyan was born of a vision, to establish a more modern way of living in the Kingdom. Our Board of Directors share in this vision, as they put their names to a project that is pioneering a new standard of community living.

Success Partners

With such a large-scale project underway, we have collaborated with some of the best experts in their fields to join our venture of creating a city of the future.

Al Widyan is designed to become an industry leader in efficiency and sustainability

In-line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for the future of the nation, the city outlined the following checkpoints to be achieved:


  • Reduce energy


  • Promote walkability and use of sustainable transport


  • Reduce water


  • Improve quality of life of citizens


  • Enhance ecological value of the site


  • Utilise innovative and robust technology systems


  • Create active public realm and comfortable outdoor spaces


  • Provide homes, education and facilities for all


  • Invest in local economies and opportunities for SMEs


  • Reduce waste generation
  • Promote use of natural, local materials

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