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The Town Centre will serve as the walkable link between the Entertainment District and the Central Park and Retail District, with the Palace Plaza becoming a central meeting place for the wider community. It will seamlessly merge entertainment, residential, commercial and hospitality offerings into a lively, vibrant 24-hour ecosystem, with retail and food and beverage options situated throughout.


  • Palace Plaza – The central meeting point in the heart of the Town Centre
  • Family Entertainment – A wide range of fun-filled activities everyone can enjoy
  • Widyan Walk – The main high street
  • Performance Court – Day and night schedule of live performances for all ages
  • Aquarium – An exciting and educational experience for all
  • Sport Court – A variety of sporting venues for every hobby
  • Super Car Experience – An exclusive variety of leading car brands
  • Digital Theatre – An inclusive location for film screenings and live performances
  • Cinema Complex – First-class movie entertainment
  • Food Market – A range of local and farm produce


  • Central boulevard
  • Urban residences
  • 21st Century virtual offices
  • Retail and F&B
  • Ambient entertainment and street art
  • Curated walkways
  • Easy access to mosques and public parks
  • Low impact internal transportation

Mansour Al Sanouni

Mansours determination and drive took his small business in 2015 selling crepes to passers-by, to owning his very own food truck. As his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise grew, Mansour was able to start his first company known as Maak Group in December 2016, a local business dealing in marketing and events management.

As a cancer survivor, Mansour has faced adversity head on, and now serves as a source of inspiration to others as a public speaker at the International Cancer Survivor Day event.


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